Idequiz Valdes

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"Everything happens for a reason."

  • Job Title Team Leader / Nutrition Advisor
  • Degrees/Credentials Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition / RD, LDN
  • Place of Birth Miami, FL
  • Favorite Food Pizza, almond croissants
  • Hobbies/Special Talents Sewing, Reading
  • Fun Fact When I was a kid I was a very picky eater, hated vegetables, and didn't even want to try pizza. It wasn't until I was in college and started majoring in dietetics and nutrition that I became more adventurous with food and learned to like many things I refused to even try before.

Idequiz Valdes

Idequiz Valdes has always had an interest in caring for people and promoting a healthy lifestyle. She started her education at Florida International University (FIU) as an accounting major. As an accounting student, she attained valuable skills in budgeting, organization and financial management. However, while working at a nutritional retail store, she discovered her passion for educating others on the benefits of nourishing the body properly. Idequiz quickly realized that crunching numbers was not for her. Her true passion was in the field of nutrition so she decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition.

While pursuing her degree, Idequiz was an active board member of the Student Dietetics Association at FIU and helped organize many events in the University and local communities. She volunteered at Miami Children’s Hospital and participated in the Child Life and Dietetics departments. This experience helped her gain skills in creative thinking and team work. She has a passion for children and hopes to become a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition.

Idequiz recently graduated from an acclaimed Dietetics program at FIU and she participated in a 9 month post graduate internship that allowed her to gain experience in all fields of nutrition including clinical, management, long-term care and pediatric nutrition. Idequiz successfully completed the Commission on Dietetics Registration examination and is now a Registered Dietitian.

As a member of the PreviMedica nutrition care team, Idequiz is pleased to be able to utilize the knowledge and experience she has attained to help people across the country achieve a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys sharing current, personalized nutrition strategies to assist individuals with meeting health goals.

Aside from her passion for dietetics, Idequiz enjoys drawing. She often uses her creativity to educate children and adults about nutrition. This skill is very valuable to her and has led to the creation of exceptional projects during her time as a student and volunteer.

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